1. Please leave the donation in an obvious place when you arrive at the incall location. I prefer to take care of the formalities and get on the pleasures of our time together.
  2. Never discuss money or services. If you have any questions about what types of services I provide, please take a look at my reviews. If you discuss money or services unfortunately I’ll have to terminate the session immediately. This is for my own safety and peace of mind.
  3. Rates are never negotiable. If you try to negotiate my rate or ask for a discount or any “special” of any type, I will unfortunately have to decline meeting. I am not available for half hour sessions, I just don’t feel this is enough time to get to know one another and would hate if either of us felt rush ending in an unsatisfactory experience for both of us. NOTE: 1hour sessions are only available to established friends, I will let you know once I’m comfortable making this option available to you. If you have to cut our rendezvous short due to ‘life’, I will not be offended if you must leave early however the donation (for the scheduled appointment duration) will still apply.
  4. Of course as we both know, excellent personal hygiene is a must. Please either arrive freshly showered, or if that is not possible, you’re welcome to use my shower.
  5. Please respect our time together.
  6. First, please be on time. I understand sometimes things happen; an extended phone call, traffic – but if you’ll be more than 15min –depending on my schedule -- we may not be able to enjoy the full time together. If that won’t work we may have to reschedule.
  7. Secondly, please do not overstay your appointment time. If you find you’d like to spend more time with me I welcome the inquiry however because I plan my day in advance I may not be able to accommodate your request. If I am available the extra time must be compensated for at the time of extension.
  8. As I mentioned I crave pleasure and all things pleasurable so if you have any special requests or ideas, for example an outfit request or a fantasy you’d like to bring to life please let me know! I’m open minded and game for a good time!